LC-LC OM3, Fibre Patch Cable, Multimode, Duplex, Aqua, 5m

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This product is high quality LC-LC (male to male) Fibre Patch Cable. LC connections allow higher density applications based on its smaller diameter. Being Multimode, it is typically used to connect 2 transceivers, more often over short reach applications. The OM3 cable has a core size of 50 microns and the diameter of the outer cladding is 125 microns.  Our OM3 fibre patch cables are designed to maintain a low attenuation loss and speed stability. This product is best suited to connecting 10GB switches and transceivers.

Our products are rigorously tested and we proudly offer a compatibility guarantee and lifetime warranty.

If you are unsure which Fibre Patch Cable is suitable for your requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to help

Technical Specifications

Fibre Type OM3
Fibre Connector LC-LC
Fibre Mode Multimode
Fibre Count Duplex
Fibre Size 50/125
Gender Connector Male to Male
Jacket PVC
Colour Aqua
Length 5m

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