Nvidia Mellanox® Compatible

Over 450 Ethernet & InfiniBand Interconnect Transceiver and Cable SKUs

Contract Manufacturing

Long Term Agreements

We have many long-term procurement contracts in place with Tier 1 manufacturing partners and end users, supplying largely Avago-Broadcom-Foxconn drop-in replacements.

Based on a detailed forecast of client requirements we offer the following:

  • Fixed price agreements
  • Forward demand ordering, call off orders with the option to revise within agreed timeframes
  • Stock rotation
  • Finished product reservation held in our warehouse with up to 12 months’ supply
  • We commit to BOM component forward purchasing for an agreed period
  • LOB (Last order buy) priority

Key principles of our long-term supply agreements

  • Continuity of supply
  • Logistical requirements of supply
  • Continuity in product specifications with controlled BOM management
  • Mechanism for changing product specifications in case of technical developments a change in raw materials
  • Incoterms
  • Fluctuations in purchase prices including price changes related to raw materials or components
  • Payment Terms
  • Confidentiality Agreements