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ATGBICS® is a leading global brand of optical network connectivity products. We specialise in compatible optical
transceivers and fibre cabling.

We provide compatible optical transceivers for over 100 vendors with lifetime warranty and compatibility guarantee.

We are unrivalled in Industrial Sector solutions with a complete controlled BOM manufacture service.

In addition to the quality and reliability that our customers demand, our compatible solutions offer considerable savings when compared to OEM pricing. We deliver globally from the UK.

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What does the suffix '-C’ mean in our part numbers?

What does the suffix '-C’ mean in our part numbers?

We are frequently asked the question “what does the suffix ‘-C’ mean in our part numbers?”. Simply put, ‘-C’ denotes that our product is a guaranteed 100% compatible version of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product.

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Let’s talk Conformity & Best Practice

Certificates of Conformity for our product category can be confusing. With so many part numbers available, it is impossible to create a unique certificate for every individual SKU we sell.
NVIDIA Mellanox Compatible DACs

NVIDIA Mellanox Compatible DACs

The exponential growth in data centre traffic driven by cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and GPU-based systems has led to unprecedented increases in machine-to-machine traffic.