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ATGBICS® is a leading global brand of optical network connectivity products. We specialise in compatible optical
transceivers and fibre cabling.

We provide compatible optical transceivers for over 100 vendors with lifetime warranty and compatibility guarantee.

We are unrivalled in Industrial Sector solutions with a complete controlled BOM manufacture service.

In addition to the quality and reliability that our customers demand, our compatible solutions offer considerable savings when compared to OEM pricing. We deliver globally from the UK.

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COB vs BOX transceiver packaging technology – what’s the difference?

COB vs BOX transceiver packaging technology – what’s the difference?

COB (Chip on Board) and BOX (Airtight Package) are two types of primary packaging technology in fibre optic transceivers. One solution can be advantageous over the other dependant on use case and form factor.

The importance of good heat dissipation design in optical transceivers

The Importance of Good Heat Dissipation Design in Optical Transceivers and Networks

Effective heat dissipation design plays an instrumental role in the optimal operation of ATGBICS optical transceivers.
Universally Coded Transceivers by ATGBICS

Universally Coded Transceivers by ATGBICS

ATGBICS Universally Coded MSA Compliant Network Transceivers are specifically designed for use in ‘open standard’ platforms that do not have specific firmware coding requirements for compatibility with a particular brand of networking equipment.