Nvidia Mellanox® Compatible

Over 450 Ethernet & InfiniBand Interconnect Transceiver and Cable SKUs

Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Specialists

We are obsolescence specialists supplying parts the original equipment manufacturer has made obsolete, but where the host hardware remains very much in operation.

OEMs typically discontinue their transceiver products long before the host equipment is end of life. We fill that high demand gap perfectly, extending the life of equipment in the field.

Most common form factors are Through hole 1x9, 2x5 and 2x10, SFP 100 to 1000Mbps. However we can supply almost any legacy transceiver you require.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation program and full controlled BOM management post technical sign off.

All our compatible transceivers meet the specification of the OEM product. We adhere to all form factor Multi-Source Agreements (MSA) to ensure interoperability and interchangeability between interface modules. Multi-Source
(MSA) is a multi-vendor specification that defines the form factors and interfaces of an optical transceiver. This compliance enables compatible manufacturers such as ATGBICS to provide the equivalent functionality and quality as the OEM product.