Nvidia Mellanox® Compatible

Over 450 Ethernet & InfiniBand Interconnect Transceiver and Cable SKUs

Dual OEM Direct Attach & Active Optical Cables

Bespoke customisation

We offer a neat solution to simplify a mixed OEM network with multi vendor coded solutions.

Our multi vendor customisation service provides DAC or AOC cables with different compatibility options on both ends based on your network infrastructure for borderless connectivity.

We can provide a DAC or AOC with Cisco on one end and Dell on another for example. Or even a breakout cable coded to multiple OEMs.

  • Cisco to Arista
  • Juniper to Dell
  • Intel to Brocade

Breakout examples

  • 1 x Juniper to 4 x Arista
  • 1 x Cisco to 2 x Dell & 2 x Arista