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Controlled BOM Management

A Bill of Materials (BOM) details the core building blocks of the approved tested product on record. It is a comprehensive list of parts, documents and drawings required to manufacture a product to a tested specification. BOMs provide a controlled structure for making a product repeatedly and are vital for production, regardless of the size of the manufacturing operation.

ATGBICS operates a robust controlled BOM management system to ensure our clients always receive the tested approved BOM.

We understand that control & traceability sensitive clients such as Defence, Avionics, Infrastructure, Automotive and Medical follow strict testing and approval procedures before adding a manufacturer's product to their AVL (Approved Vendor List)

Bill of Component Materials

  • PCBA
  • IC
  • Clasp
  • Case

EPROM requirements

  • Part Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Serial Number format

Parameter requirements

  • DDM Threshold
  • Optical Characteristics

Product label requirements

  • Part Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Logo
  • Serial Number format

Packaging requirements

  • Bulk, Retail, bespoke request