CK-300-RM-19 Cisco Compatible Rackmount Kit, Small Business 300, 500 Series, 1RU 19"

Cisco compatibleSKU: CK-300-RM-19-C

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Product Details

Product Type Mounting Bracket
Vendor Compatibility Cisco
System Compatibility Small Business 300, 500 Series
Product Description Cisco Compatible Rackmount Kit, Small Business 300, 500 Series, 1RU 19"
Condition New
Weight 150grams
Type Compatible


The CK-300-RM-19 Rackmount kit is used to mount a Small Business 200, 300 or 500 Series, 1RU series switch into a standard 19″ rack.

2 brackets are included with the necessary screws for installation. We proudly offer a compatibility guarantee and lifetime warranty for risk free purchasing.

Note This Rackmount will mount most Cisco SF200, SF220, SF250, SF300, SF530, SG200, SG220, SG250, SG300, SG500 and SG550 Series Small Business Switches. See below for full compatibility details. 

Compatible Models


SF200-24 SF200-24FP SF200-24P SF200-48 SF200-48P


SF300-24 (SRW224G4-K9) SF300-24MP (SF300-24MP-K9) SF300-24P (SRW224G4P-K9) SF300-24PP (SF300-24PP-K9) SF300-48 (SRW248G4-K9) SF300-48 (SRW248G4P-K9) SF300-48PP (SF300-48PP-K9)


SG200-18 SG200-26 SG20026FP SG200-26P SG200-50 SG200-50FP SG200-50P


SG300-20 (SRW2016-K9) SG300-28 (RW2024-K9) SG300-28MP (SG300-28MP-K9) SG300-28P(SRW2024P-K9) SG300-28PP (SG300-28PP-K9) SG300-28SFP (SG300-28SFP-K9) SG300-52 (SRW2048-K9) SG300-52MP (SG300-52MP-K9) SG300-52P (SG300-52P-K9)


SG500-28 SG500-28MPP SG500-28P SG500-52 SG500-52MP SG500-52P SG500X-24 SG500X-24MPP SG500X-24P SG500X-48 SG500X-48MP SG500X-48P SG500XG-8F8T

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