ATGBICS - What Makes Us Different

ATGBICS is a leading supplier of Compatible Networking Solutions. In a crowded marketplace, we've carved out a particular niche for the quality of our products, outstanding customer service, and our customisation service.

Our flexibility has made us the first choice for a growing number of businesses in the UK and beyond. We supply both compatible solutions and customised products for datacoms, telecoms, datacentre, niche Industrial & security applications. We go the extra mile for our clients, providing affordable and tailored solutions whatever the specific requirements of the business.

Over a decade of experience

Founded in 2008, we have been supplying a growing number of global customers with a range of multi-vendor optical transceivers, fibre optic cabling, rackmounts, memory, and many other accessories for servers and networks. All of the products we supply are fully tested, serialised, and 100% compatible with a wide variety of network equipment manufacturers.

We take the risk out of purchasing components with a range of commitments to our customers.

These include...

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

All of the products that we supply come complete with a lifetime replacement warranty. This means that we will immediately replace any faulty product within its expected lifetime. This underlines our faith in the quality of our products and allows you to make a purchase with confidence.

Compatibility Guarantee

We thoroughly test our products for compatibility and don't supply anything that we're not 100% confident about. We understand how vital instant compatibility is, and should you find that a component isn't compatible in practice, we will refund or replace that component with something that is.

To take the risk out of your project we of course offer a product evaluation so you can test for yourself.

Comprehensive Client Support

We offer high levels of customer service and client support. We work to ensure that your requirements are met and the products you ordered work as intended. We're always happy to provide evaluation products and free buffer stock for project orders with comprehensive technical support and configuration.

Call +44 1202 424 518 or email to find out more about our services.


A leading supplier of Compatible Networking Solutions. 

Risk free purchasing with fully tested & uniquely serialised products, lifetime warranty & compatibility guarantee. 

Our products are manufactured using the highest quality components and strictly adhere
to network equipment manufacturer specifications.

Our mission - To provide quality networking solutions at competitive pricing with fast delivery and unrivalled customer service.