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ATGBICS isn't like other brands

ATGBICS isn't like other brands

ATGBICS is proud to have become a leading global brand of optical network connectivity products.

  • Renowned for our exceptional customer service and agile infrastructure.
  • Unrivalled reputation as a trusted partner to clients with bespoke requirements.
  • We service a host of application environments including industrial, defence, security, datacentre, telecoms and datacom.
  • Extensive stock holding of compatible products for immediate delivery of all main technologies and OEMs.
  • Flexible Product Evaluation Programme.
  • Select and consistent supply chain for quality, traceability & BOM control.
  • Bespoke Project services including Controlled BOM production, Consignment & Buffer Stock, Call off orders, Custom Build & Labelling.
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

ATGBICS isn’t like other brands. Over time we’ve found our niche, offering unique solutions to our clients. However, that’s not all. We’re known for our exceptional customer service and the ability to adapt to customer requests leading to significant growth globally.

Where we shine

Whether compatible or customised solutions are required, ATGBICS can help whatever the application environment.

From the first interaction to the last, clients are provided with a transparent service making sure all criteria points are met. This includes meeting budget constraints, tailoring services to meet specifications and more.

Robust supply chain

We have partnered with a select group of specialist suppliers and manufacturing partners to ensure our supply chain is robust, fully traceable, controlled, and follows all industry protocols.

Our extensive UK stock profile is continually adjusted to meet changing demand. However, our manufacturing lead times are so quick we consider our manufacturing facilities to be an extension of our warehouse.

This agility helps our clients work to a ‘just in time’ policy as our order fulfilment time is short. We advise clients of lead times at quotation stage.

Offering a lifetime replacement warranty on all purchases

When it comes to quality, we don’t just talk about it, we prove it. Items purchased through us are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty and compatibility guarantee.

We offer this added benefit to our customers as we believe trust is important. No matter how long our products are in use, as long as the product can still be manufactured, they’re covered. If you experience compatibility issues we will refund you.

Get in touch today

For compatible optical transceivers, fibre cabling, and much more, feel free to contact us. Our technical team can help answer any industry-related questions and provide advice where possible.

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