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X2 Fibre Optic Transceiver Technology Overview

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X2 (10G)

The legacy X2 Fibre Optic Transceiver format is for 10Gb Ethernet intended for use in routers, switches and optical transport platforms.

It uses a side rail support system that allows the heat sink and front bezel to be easily adapted to the different needs of the client. The design allows unblocked airflow over the full length of the top surface area. It can be mounted on the front panel, mid board, or on a “conventional” PCI or compact PCI “blade”. It also supports different height variants, without the need to alter the side rail support.

10G X2 transceivers include SR, LR, LRM, ER types. They operate at wavelengths of 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm.

X2 is not appropriate for new design, but it is still very much in demand to support existing infrastructure.

We are aware that many X2 products have been discontinued by the Original Manufacturers. We at ATGBICS will continue to support our customers with our compatible product range for as long as we can source the components to build.

Compliant with the following Standards & Protocols:

  • ROHS Compliant
  • X2 Multi-Source Agreement
  • IEEE 802.3ae
  • Fibre Channel 10GFC


  • Supports distances of between 220m to 40km at 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm depending on product type.
  • 70-pin electrical connector
  • Four lane XAUI (10 Gigabit attachment unit interface) at both Ethernet (3.125 Gb/sec) and/or Fibre Channel (3.1875 Gb/sec) rates.
  • LC Connector
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply
  • Hot-Pluggable
  • Low power consumption
  • Commercial Temperature Range 0~70°C
  • Industrial Temperature Range -40~+85°C