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It goes without saying that all our 6000+ Transceivers, Direct Attach, Active Optical and Fibre Optic Cables conform to the below environmental and safety standards (UL also available upon request).

But Certificates of Conformity for our product category can be confusing. With so many part numbers available, it is impossible to create a unique certificate for every individual SKU we sell.

Many of our competitors certify just one product and provide this certificate for all products within the category. But in our experience this does not satisfy the clients requirements. Buyers need to validate that the part number they buy is indeed covered by any compliance certification in terms of Form Factor and Technical Attributes. We are being asked this question more and more.

So we have gone the extra mile to remove any ambiguity. In December 2022 we updated our certificates such that every available Form Factor and Technical Specification available across our SKU range has been certified by our official testing centre.

We have designed a unique nomenclature structure that covers all Form Factors and Technical Formats that we sell and hence are covered by these certifications.

Nomenclature Structures are as follows


Manufacturer | Form Factor | Speed | Features (Autosense/BiDi/DWDM/DWDM) | Wavelength | Multi/Singlemode | Connector Type | Reach/Distance | DDM/NON DDM

Direct Attach Cables

Manufacturer | Product Type | Form Factor | Speed | Passive/Active | Cable Length

Active Optical Cables

Manufacturer | Product Type | Form Factor | Speed | Cable Length

Full details are available in our Certificate of Conformity SKU Nomenclature Structure Reference Guide. We hope this is self-explanatory, but any member of our helpful team will be happy to talk you through it.

Our newly updated Certificates of Conformity and Test Reports are freely available to download.

That said, for projects with extremely stringent regulatory requirements, we are happy to have any SKU uniquely certified upon request.

Our proven commitment to sustainability and safety standards is just another way our clients can have confidence is us as a trusted partner with integrity.

But what else makes us stand out?

MSA Compliance, Traceability, Quality Assured

  • All our compatible transceivers meet or exceed the specification of the OEM product with adherence to all form factor Multi-Source Agreements (MSA). This enables compatible manufacturers such as ATGBICS to provide the same functionality and quality as OEM products at a fraction of the cost.
  • All products are uniquely serialised and logged on every shipment.
  • We can trace back to the both the hardware BOM and firmware version for every individual product.
  • Asset Tracking Service - For clients who require more stringent asset tracking, we can code our client or the end user details onto the EPROM at no extra cost.
  • Our staff are our best asset, and the quality of their work impacts every touch point with our customers. We heavily invest in ongoing team training and development programmes to ensure we deliver at every level.
  • Our Business Management System complies with the requirements of the international quality standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.