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Key Factors Driving Growth of the Optical Transceiver Market

Key Factors Driving Growth of the Optical Transceiver Market

It is predicted that the global optical transceiver market will almost double between 2020 and 2025, according to market research by several prominent analysts such as Markets and Markets and Verified Market Research.

Asia is expected to see the most significant growth in the Asia Pacific region, and there is much to shout about within the UK market.

There seems to be no end in sight in the UK for the continually increasing demand for cloud services, rising data traffic, and high data speeds. Our appetite for all manner of smart devices both for business and personal use is growing, and technology is rapidly advancing.

High adoption of smart devices, technological advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) and the emergence of the 5G network is guaranteed to drive demand for high data hence transceivers with high data transfer rates within Data Centres, Telecoms and large-scale Enterprises.

The market by form factor is evolving. Over the next few years, QSFP; Quad small form factor optical transceivers are expected to be the most popular form factor within Data Centres, Telecoms and Enterprises.

QSFPs support the higher data rate transmissions (projected to be required between 100G & 400G) and are more compact and energy-efficient than other form factors.

It is suggested data range requirements will be short to support the requirement to transfer large volumes of data at high speed over short distances within the data centre or enterprise environment. Short distances of up to 1km will see the most significant demand.

Among all other form factors, ATGBICS supply a comprehensive range of QSFPand QSFP+ transceivers to support your evolving requirements with over 100 OEMs supported.

It's an excellent time to partner with a reliable transceiver supplier such as AT-GBICS. We have over 12 years of industry knowledge behind us and relish the opportunity to become an instrumental partner in your company's growth.

So, watch this space; exciting times head within the Optical Transceiver industry.

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