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A specialist Finisar® compatible configuration service from ATGBICS

A specialist Finisar® compatible configuration service from AT-GBICS

Finisar® is a global technology leader in providing optical network transceivers to network equipment manufacturers, data centres, and telecom service providers.

Finisar's Network Transceiver product range is very large but ATGBICS support Finisar compatible solutions for all of their range. In fact ATGBICS offer a wide range of fibre optic transceivers, direct attach cables and active optical cables, fibre optic cables, and rackmounts to their clients.

We pride ourselves in being experts in Finisar® configuration and go the extra mile to ensure 100% compatibility at a very competitive price.

When ordering Finisar® solutions, we will always ask for details of the hardware and firmware the product is required for, to ensure it is correctly coded accordingly and 100% compatible.

We offer unrivalled service to our customers throughout the installation process.

We do not list all Finisar® parts on our site so please do contact us directly for our specialist Finisar® configuration service.

For more information on Finisar's range of products for Data Centre, check out this fact sheet published by Finisar® - Finisar Pluggable Optics for Data Centre